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camera images licensed under Creative Commons License, click a cam for streaming view

Juliana van Stolbergenlaan

This is a Panasonic RX-17 VHS-C analog cam, digitized by a BT848 board on a FreeBSD server and published by xawtv's webcam utility.
Busstation Den Haag Centraal

This is a JVC GR-DVL 107 mini-DV cam attached by firewire to one of the FreeBSD boxes, grabbed by a patched dvrecv, postprocessed with Image Magick and published on the webserver. Occasionally, the camera's firewire bus would crash. As a work around I installed a relay in the cam's power supply, and reset the camera every fifteen minutes.
Binckhorstlaan kr. Neherkade

This is an AXIS 206 network/ip camera, connected to the revspace network. My FreeBSD webserver at home grabs images directly from the camera once a second, and publishes these through http.